“I remember myself as a child drawing horses and birds obsessively. The representation of images has always seemed to me to be an issue that holds great power, as if by representing an object or being one, somehow one was made with its ability, with its unique quality ».

Rilke Roca is a Mexican-Catalan plastic artist, spiritually and vitally grown and split between two ways of being, thinking and feeling. He has exhibited his work in Spain and Mexico for a couple of decades now.

His path as an artist has been full of experiences and learning, he realized that as a creator he has a social responsibility, it means, the work that is done impacts others and inspires them. Rilke has been a creator since childhood, however, life has led him to work in many different things and it is not until 7 years ago that he devoted himself fully to art. This journey of travel and professions has given him a lot of grounding and experience that he can now apply to his work.

My advice to all those who want to dedicate their lives to art is to never stop believing in their dream, you never know how far your life will take you, but you need to have faith and keep hope burning in your heart, sooner or later it will get your moment if you really believe in you.

He has always been surrounded by art. His father, in his poetic dimension, attracted artists from all disciplines to the house to share his presence and talent, some of them caused a great impact on him

There was a very special one who gave me the honor of taking me as a disciple for a short but unforgettable time: the great master Rodolfo Zanabria (who peacefully rides in the infinite with his maidens with long hair and beautiful faces). From him I learned that the road is long and if you know how to walk, you will reach the Magic Domain.

Fate had him willing to be a Mexican-Catalan artist, this has allowed him to exhibit and share his work on both sides of the Atlantic from his debut in the plastic scene, until today.

I believe that to express my vision of this splendid-decadent world that witnesses our existence, to try to move in the emotion of the spectator something that makes it see within itself; by the right and the reverse of the same glove of what it is and what it exists and what it is not and also exists. Like the dream inside the eye and eye outside. Like the truth and the vertigo of the depth of the fractal-cosmic spiral. Like a painting, like the truth, like the line that springs from my pen.

Creating images and sculptures gives meaning to my existence and being me from the inside-outside, so I can communicate with others. I am an insatiable explorer of the plastic techniques that I find in my path, such as painting, watercolor, engraving, sculpture, design, etc. My search in these different areas has the same objective: to find the voice that is able to take out this animal-human being, that crowds in my inside. The fine perfume of the flower of my spirit

Among his exhibitions you will find Puras Máskaras, Oscar Román Gallery, 2017 and The attack of the Yokai from outer space, Emergency Room, 2014

2017 Individual exhibition “Puras Máskaras” / Oscar Román Gallery (México D.F.)

2014 Individual exhibition “ The attack of the Yokai from outer space ” / Emergency Room (México D.F.)

“Let’s talk about the Yokai, the ancient inhabitants of the galaxy, which are the original ones. The true protectors of life found this lost planet in the corner of a low-profile solar system and saw that it already harbored an incipient microscopic and primitive life in its oceans … They added part of their genetic information to this primitive soup, a fact that unleashed what we now know as evolution … In the successive millions of years, they intervened minimally in the ecosystems resulting from each of the geological eras of the planet, always with the sole objective of channeling the growth of life in general. It was only until the appearance of the hominids that they decided to take the most serious and frontal action possible: The Attack ».

Pacha Moma

Pacha Moma is a great project that is much needed in our society. We have lost our way in this modern world and many answers to our problems are found in ancestral cultures and their sacred medicines. It’s time to look at the roots.

La Nana Sagrada Mural 2019

Iconic mural of the museum that expresses in a realistic format the grandmother Ramona Barnet of the Seri community, framed with her traditional craftwork basketmaking with Torote and the wisdom of her spiral world view. This character is part of the council of elders responsible for the decisions of the tribe and to share the tradition with the new generations so that it does not get lost.

The following elements stand out in the mural: we are ONE, we are immersed in the same UNIVERSE, the universe of our COMMUNITY, the INDIGENOUS CULTURES, of artists, entrepreneurs, children, plants and animals, where we are all the same source; the same Universe that is manifested by a FRACTAL figure the great SPIRAL, the one that takes us towards the center, the one that forms the logarithmic perfection symbol of the development and the EVOLUTION because inspired by the NATURE is how we can be found in union with the HARMONY , the fractal symbolizes the closeness with GOD, understanding nature is how we understand the Great Spirit, we come from the same energy and we will return, the SACRED GEOMETRY is that, it is the art in which nature expresses itself with its fractal figures, mathematically plenary sessions of WISDOM. When man understands this magic that nature expresses without secrets, then we can understand that we are the same ENERGY, expressing ourselves in INFINITE forms and possibilities.


This is a masks based on the classic pre-Hispanic jade masks. Its meaning is florid snake

Hominid Diagram

She loves to walk raw for life, that’s something you can say from this strange Yokai. In its terrestrial form, it is the one that most appears to steal the chickens, and therefore it is one of the most hunted by the hominids; this Yokai possesses the power of fatal attraction … Anyone who has dared to investigate to gather more information about her, has disappeared without a trace

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Ángela Vásquez (Colombia)

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